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On-Demand Webinar: How to Seamlessly Reopen Clinic

Integrating new technology into your practice is sometimes a daunting task, but being an early adopter of technology will set you apart from your competition. In this recording we interviewed a dorsaVi customer who has done an exceptional job of integrating the dorsaVi testing into their daily treatments and have also significantly enhanced their business.

Matt Williams is the lead Sports Therapist at The Training Shed in the UK and they have been using our dorsaVi technology for several years. In this interview we discuss how they have applied the testing in their practice, how they relay the results to the customers and how they feel the metrics have enhanced their business. We also discuss the Return on Investment that they have seen from using the dorsaVi technology, how they are marketing the testing and the biggest benefits that they see within their facility.


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Our wearable motion sensors are paired with HD video to produce real time objective data. Assess injury risk. Guide Interviews. Create Smarter Rehabilitation and Exercise Plans. Track Results.

What People are Saying About Us

“The Emergency Response Unit’s goal is to reach the pinnacle of safety; the ‘ViSafe’ study has proven to be a practical and essential tool to assess work activities, deciding on the purchase of/or developing plant and equipment in the future. ‘ViSafe’ has proven to be a fundamental step in our workplace safety.”

Sean Watters, Emergency Response Unit Manager at Transport For London